This is a copy of an email I received from the Portland Police Bureau with the statistics on domestic violence restraining order violations in Portland, OR for recent years.
Subject: Re: Public Record Request
From: "Randall M. Killinger" RKillinger@portlandpolice. org
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 10:32:08 -0800
To: carrbp@gmail. com

I have received information responsive to your request from Steve Beedle.

Restraining Order Violations by year:

2004: 583 total- 90 females (15%) and 493 males (85%)
2005: 617 total- 84 females (14%) and 533 males (86%)
2006: 614 total- 91 females (15%) and 523 males (85%)

Total cost to create and run the program is $16.50. Please send a check or Money Order in that amount, payable to: 
Treasurer, City of Portland. 
Address: Portland Police Bureau
1111 SW 2nd Ave. Room 1126,
Portland, Oregon 97204 

I'm not sure I understand your subsequent request regarding criminal (Stalking) restraining orders, but that infomation is not included in the above results. (Violation of a Stalking Order is a separate crime)


Randall M. Killinger
Captain, Records Division
Office: 503-823-0056 

"Brian Carr" <> 12/04/07 09:16AM >>>
I was wondering if there has been any progress on estimating the level
of effort (and cost) of this request.  Also, if the sizing has not
been completed, I was wondering if arrests for civil (domestic)
restraining order violations were recorded differently from criminal
(stalking) restraining orders (might be SPO's, but I forget the normal
designation).  I am interested in the civil (domestic) restraining
orders category.  Thanks again for your attention to this matter.

On Nov 26, 2007 10:01 AM, Randall M. Killinger
<> wrote:
As you may know, under Oregon's Open Records Laws, a Public Body is required, with some exceptions, to provide documents that it uses or retains. However, it is not required to create documents that do not currently exist. We may, at our discretion, create a custom document if time and resources allow.

I am forwarding your request to Steve Beedle of our Strategic Services Division, to determine if the requested information is in a current document, and if not, the cost and time required to produce the information...

I hope to have a response for you by the end of this week.


Randall M. Killinger
Captain, Records Division
Office: 503-823-0056 11/21/07 06:37PM >>>
Thanks for getting back to me.

I would be interested in the count of restraining order violations in
2006 broken down by gender.  Apparently that particular statistic is not
readily available and needs to be computed.  Can you tell me how much
the expected cost is and how I could make payment?  Do I make a deposit
payment and then a final payment when the results are available.  Also,
as a database programmer it is my expectation that the 2005 totals would
take about ten seconds longer (most of the effort is getting the query
right).  I would like an estimate of what the additional cost would be
for the inclusion of 2005 and 2004 (separate totals for each).  Thanks
again for your attention to this matter.

Hope you have / had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Randall M. Killinger wrote:
Mr. Carr:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been unexpectedly our of the office lately, but did receive your v-mail messages.

Please send your request to me at: 
Thank you,

Randall M. Killinger
Captain, Records Division
Office: 503-823-0056 

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